Mission Statement

FGI Mission Statement


The Fashion Group International is a global, non-profit, professional

organization with 5000 members in the fashion industry including

apparel, accessories, beauty and home.


The FGI mission is to be the pre-eminent authority on the business

of fashion and design and to help its members become more effective

in their careers.  To do this, FGI provides insights on major trends 

in person, online and in print; access to business professionals and a 

gateway to the influence fashion plays in the marketplace.



the goals of the organization are:


To advance professionalism in fashion and its 

related lifestyle industries.


To provide a public forum for examination of important, 

contemporary issues in the business of fashion.


To present timely information regarding national and 

global trends that have an effect on the fashion industries.


To attain greater recognition of men’s and women’s 

achievements in business.


To encourage men and women to seek career opportunities 

in fashion and related industries.


To provide activities and programs which enhance networking 

skills and encourage interpersonal contacts so as to further the 

professional, social and personal development of members.






The mission of the Foundation is:


To promote educational programs devoted to fashion and to 

the study of fashion related businesses through the creation and

awarding of scholarships; establishment of internship programs; 

provision of career counseling services.


Organization and sponsorship of seminars and other educational

activities on a national and worldwide basis.


To sponsor public service activities in which the fashion industry 

works, to serve relevant community needs and concerns and to

stimulate and encourage membership and industry participation

in such public service activities.